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Do-it-yourself horizontal blinds repair

Horizontal blinds are a good quality means of sun protection that does not deteriorate or fade in the sun, but is periodically subject to some breakdowns. Often the breakdowns of horizontal blinds are quite similar, but they occur en masse because the design has several weak points, namely:

Breakage of the hook that holds the control stick;
As a result of a broken hook, the control cane may break;
Damage to the product control mechanism.

These are the most popular types of breakdowns; more complex breakdowns are also possible; we will look at them superficially, but repairing more complex breakdowns will require disassembling the blinds or special skills to put the blinds back together.

The slats in horizontal blinds are made of aluminum, so they hold their shape well; if you accidentally damage one or more slats, you may want to replace them, but disassembling and reassembling the products requires special skills, so there is a chance to disassemble the product and not put it back together.

Replacing standard components is quite simple; the hook and cane are located outside the cornice, so disassembling the product to replace them is not required. To replace the hook, simply unhook the old cane, then install a new hook on the product and secure the cane into it.

The cane is made of a fairly fragile but durable material; it can break due to a blow or fall, after which the cane on horizontal blinds will need to be replaced. To replace, simply pull the old cane out of the hook, holding the hook so as not to damage it, and install the new cane in place of the old one. No special fixation of the cane is required, since it is quite light and does not bear any load on the hooks except for turning the slats.

After such simple manipulations, repairing blinds with your own hands will be no different from replacing parts in a workshop. Therefore, in case of minor damage, order components for horizontal blinds and replace them without much difficulty. We also recommend that when ordering blinds, immediately take a pair of hooks just in case, because even with careful handling the hooks can break, so in order not to waste time on trips to the post office or the brand zone, it is enough to have a couple of hooks in reserve and quickly replace them if necessary .