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DIY roller blind repair, open system

In a modern interior, it is difficult to imagine windows not covered with curtains, because roller shutters not only decorate the overall appearance of the room, but also perfectly protect the room from sunlight, as well as furniture from fading. For residents of the first floors or private houses, they simply cannot do without curtains because they maintain privacy and do not allow anyone to look into the room from the street. Modern curtains are manufactured taking into account the necessary tolerances and serve for a long time, but cases of component breakdowns cannot be ruled out, so repairs or partial replacement are required. Before repairing roller blinds, you should determine the breakdown and understand which parts require replacement in order to order components. Let's look at the main damage to curtains that can occur and how to fix them correctly.

Mechanism failure - roller blinds often use plastic mechanisms that last a long time, they ensure smooth movement of the fabric, and also fix the curtain at the required height. If the curtain no longer locks or opens jerkily, this may be the cause of internal damage to the mechanism.
Damage to the control chain - special clamps are provided for the control chain on the curtains that hold the chain and do not allow it to dangle; if for any reason the chain is damaged, you can easily replace it with a new one.
Breakage of brackets - roller blinds are fixed on the window frame using special brackets; a shaft with fabric is installed in them and the brackets hold the product on the window frame. Frequent damage to the brackets occurs on opening sashes; if the curtain rests on the slope when opening the sash, the brackets can be damaged when you try to open the sash suddenly, forgetting that there is a curtain on it. In this case, plastic mechanisms may not withstand the impact and simply crack. Such cases do not occur often, but they do occur, so if you encounter such damage, replace the brackets with new ones. An open system is more susceptible to such breakdowns, because closed systems are equipped with special plastic linings and are located in an aluminum box, which partially protects the curtain from external damage.
Damage to the fabric - If the fabric is damaged and needs to be replaced, do not attempt to properly repair it. Since the fabric is the key element of the curtain, the cost of replacing it is a large portion of the cost of a new product. Fabrics for roller blinds are cut using special high-precision equipment and it is impossible to reproduce a similar effect at home. If the fabric is damaged, it is recommended to replace the product with a new one.

How to repair roller blinds at home
Replacing the mechanism - if you notice problems in the operation of the roller blind, or the mechanism has stopped fixing the curtain, you can replace it with a new one. To do this, you need to order a repair kit for roller blinds, which includes new brackets and new mechanisms. It is also recommended to order a new control circuit along with the mechanisms so that the new white fittings do not differ in color from the old parts. After you have received the new mechanisms, you need to remove the roller with fabric from the curtain to replace it. To dismantle the shaft, there are special inserts with gears inside the brackets; to remove them, you need to pry the fixing lugs inside the bracket with a screwdriver and the insert with the mechanism is easily removed. It is not necessary to remove both gears from the brackets; you can pull out one side and remove the shaft with the fabric. Now that the shaft with mechanisms is separate from the window, you can begin replacing the mechanism. To do this, pull the mechanism out of the shaft carefully, holding it, the mechanisms should be pulled out without much effort. After you have taken the mechanism out of the curtain, pull out the control circuit from it (if the chain is new, you don’t have to take out the old one) to pull out the chain you need to disconnect it; for this there is a special connector on the circuit. It is enough to open it and the chain will open. After the chain has opened, it can be pulled out of the mechanism by carefully holding it. To install a chain in a new mechanism, you need to place the end of the chain on the gear of the mechanism and turn the gear with your finger, thereby winding the chain inside the mechanism; after the gear makes a revolution, you can pull the chain through the mechanism by holding its other end. Now that the chain is installed, it needs to be connected using the connector that was installed on the old chain and the mechanism returns back to the shaft. Please note - when installing a new mechanism in the bracket, it is necessary that its open part is directed downward, otherwise the chain may cling to the mechanism cover and will make an unpleasant sound when opening the curtain, or will not turn at all.
If the control circuit is damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new one; when controlling the curtain, the chain makes almost a full revolution, so tying it with a knot will not work, since the knots will interfere with the passage of the chain through the mechanism. To replace a chain with a new one, it is enough to disconnect it by removing the chain connector (all types of connectors open and make it possible to disconnect the chain), after which you can pull it out of the mechanism by pulling the chain. After the mechanism is freed from the old chain, you need to insert a new one onto the gear and turn it, thereby placing the chain inside the mechanism, after which the chain can be connected and the mechanism returned back to the product to continue working.
If the brackets break, it is worth replacing the entire mechanism, and there are several reasons for this. The brackets are the power element that holds the entire curtain, so breaking them requires great effort and thus, together with the brackets, there is a high chance of damaging the mechanisms. Also, for convenience, brackets and mechanisms can be purchased as a set for easy replacement of accessories with new ones. When replacing brackets, simply remove the shaft with the fabric from the window and unscrew both brackets, then screw new ones in their place. If necessary, the mechanism and control circuit are additionally replaced in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2.
Replacing fabric is done in a factory and requires special equipment. If the fabric is placed on the curtains or is not cut straight, the fabric will wrap unevenly on the roller. Correcting such errors at home is quite difficult, so we do not recommend replacing curtain fabric yourself.
Bottom line

Roller blinds are a modern and easy-to-use product. When properly installed and used, it is very difficult to damage them, since all curtains are manufactured taking into account the weight and size of the structure, which increases the life of the product. Unfortunately, no one is immune from accidental breakdowns, but even if problems arise, you can easily fix them yourself with the help of new components. All components for the repair of roller blinds are available on our website; we have equipment for both roller blinds in open and closed systems, as well as metal brackets for standard 25 and 35 systems.